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Krushak Odisha Portal for Farmer Updates & Application Status

Farmers may sign up and log in at to access the Krushak Odisha Portal. They have the ability to update information about address, bank account, cropping land, produced crops, livestock, aquaculture, and forestry operations. Farmers may identify their names in the Krushak Odisha beneficiary list and use their Aadhaar numbers to follow the status of their applications using the Krushak Odisha Gov In portal.

In this post, we’ll go over how to access the farmer list, create a database login, and what advantages Krushak Odisha offers.

An Overview of Krushak Odisha Portal

The government of Odisha has officially introduced the krushak odisha portal. The main goal of the portal is to provide farmers a financial helps so that they can buy agricultural goods from them. Only the Famers are the eligible of this scheme.

Key Highlights

NameOdisha Krushak
UnderGovernment of Odisha    
Application ProcedureOnline                
BenefitsKrushak Card, Sathi List, Registration, Login            
BeneficiariesSmall, Marginal, Landless Cultivators, & agricultural laborers   

Objectives of Krushak Odisha Scheme

The primary goal of the Krushak Odisha scheme is help the farmers financially , which will boost the state economy. Additionally, the farmers will receive a unique identity card that will enable them to access various government benefits.

Features of Krushak Odisha portal

Given below are the few features that the scheme offers to the user are:-

  • It provides small and marginal farmers with cash assistance of Rs. 25,000 to enable them purchase labor, seeds, fertilizer, insecticides, and other necessities.
  • It provides landless farmers with financial assistance of Rs 12500 so they may engage in farming activities like buying seeds , and different fertilizers.
  • It helps poor farmers and landless laborers with monetary help of Rs10000.
  • It provides farmers with interest-free agricultural loans.
  • Farmers can use the site to view their beneficiary list and status.

Eligibility Criteria 

You must fulfill following requirements in order to be qualified for the Krushak portal:

  • You have to be an Odisha resident.
  • A bank account is a requirement.
  • You are not allowed to work for the federal or state governments.
  • You need a BPL card. 

Required Documents

The following paperwork is required in order to register on the Krushak Odisha portal:

  • Aadhar card
  • Bank account details
  • Ration card
  • Proof of income
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number

Krushak Odisha Registration Process

To register on the portal you shouldto follow following steps:

  • First, go to the portal main website.
  • On the home screen, click the Register/Login button now.
  • Next, enter your Aadhar number in the designated space.
  • To finish the login procedure, click the Login button provided below.
  • Click the “Register” button now.
  • Complete the registration form with your name, birthdate, and other necessary information.
  • Select the “Submit” button located below.

You have now finished the registration procedure.

Krushak Odisha Portal Login Process

Follow the given below step to login into the website are:-

  • To log in, visit the official website.
  • Then navigate to the login page
  • Now you have entered your Aadhar number on a different page.
  • An OTP will be sent to the registered cellphone number.
  • Once the one-time password has been entered, choose the login option.

Process to Check Krushak Odisha Beneficiary List 2024

Beneficiary List for Krushak in Odisha, Broken Down by Village and District

  • Click the official website link to view this list.
  • Next, you need to choose Beneficiary List from the website’s main menu.
  • You need to enter your GP, block or ULB, and district on the next page.
  • Once in, you have to choose View.
  • The PDF Beneficiary List will open when you click it.

How to Submit a Complaint Using Odisha Krushak Portal?

In order to submit the complaint follow the given below steps are:-

  • You must visit the website first and foremost.
  • The gateway’s landing page will soon begin to load.
  • If you see the link for the online complaint application form, click it.
  • Pick, Are you looking to file a complaint?
  • You have to fill out the complete form and send it in, so be sure to include your name, the nature of the complaint, and any other details that are asked for.
  • Click the Submit button to file your complaint formally.

Status of a Complaint on the Krushak Odisha Portal

The actions listed below must be followed in order to find out the complaint’s status:

  • Visit the official website immediately.
  • To accomplish this, you need to click the link on the main page for the Online Grievance Application Form.
  • Next, on the screen that appears, choose Track Your Application from the options.
  • When a new page opens, you may input your token number or Aadhaar.
  • After completing the form, click “Show.”
  • Then, a window displaying your status will open.

Benefits of Krushak Odisha Portal

The following are a few Benefits of Krushak Portal:

  • The portal helps the farmers get the money so that they can buy farming essentials.
  • It facilitates the process of obtaining the necessary funds for farmers who are aged, sick, disabled, or in poverty.
  • With this portal Farmers are protected in the case of an accident or death by purchasing life insurance.
  • It makes it easier for farmers to get interest-free agricultural loans.
  • Farmers may keep an eye on their beneficiary list and status on the website.

In conclusion

The Krushak Odisha Portal emerges as a transformative force in agriculture, uplifting the lives of Odisha’s farmers. With its user-friendly interface, financial support, unique identity cards, and diverse benefits, the scheme fosters economic growth and resilience. By simplifying processes, providing crucial assistance, and ensuring transparency, the portal stands as a beacon of progress in agricultural empowerment.



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