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David Nehdar: Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Family, Career

Many people are interested in learning more about David Nehdar despite the prominence of his wife, Lacey Chabert. David mainly kept his details private, giving little public information. David Nehdar is a seasoned businessman born in the American state of California, Los Angeles. He is of the Caucasian race and has American citizenship. Regarding his schooling, he graduated with a degree in business management. Additionally, he interested in starting his own business from a very young age. He then joined his family’s business and began to work there.

But his union with singer and actress Lacey Chabert propelled him into the public eye. The couple reportedly dated for a very long period before getting married. They married in December 2013 while the holidays were in full swing, yet despite the presence of prominent personalities.

David Nehdar Biography

David Nehdar was born in Los Angeles, California, US to an American family on 16 August 1974. As of now, he is 48 years old and his sun sign indicates that he is a Leo. Most likely he is known by the media for being the beloved husband of Lacey Chabert, the famous American actress, and voiceover artist. She is most renowned for appearing in several Hollywood movies and she also dubbed the voice of Meg Griffin in the famous television show named, The Family Guy. Her voice was used only during the first season after which Mila Kunis took the dubbing lead further. As for David, he is a famous Businessman by profession who possesses a great career in the Finance and Investment sector. 

David Nehdar Age

Without a doubt, fans are constantly curious about the slightest details when it comes to celebrities and their personal life. In this instance, people want to know David Nehdar age. According to the wiki, he was born in 1974 and celebrated his birthday on August 16. This makes him 48 this year.

David Nehdar Family

David’s parents, whose identities are unknown, brought him up in the city of his birth. There don’t appear to be any siblings. He is well recognized for having a solid enthusiasm for business, although reliable sources have not provided much information regarding his first hobbies.

David Nehdar Wife Lacey Chabert

As of February 2022, Nehdar has made appearances in roughly thirty Hallmark movies, earning the actress Lacey Chabert’s adoration. Lacey and David decided to marry after dating for a while. David and Lacey made their marriage announcement on December 22.

Over the holidays, they had a personal ceremony. Given that David has only attended a few red-carpet events, the numerous photos on his internet profile prevent many media from knowing what David looks like. In 2016, the pair tweeted about his wife Lacey’s pregnancy. After their daughter, Julia Mimi Bella, was born on September 2, 2016, the couple became closer.


From the beginning, he was very curious to know every tiny detail about the Business sector as he had an ambition of becoming a very successful businessman. He went for pursuing a Business Administration degree and after holding the degree, he indulged himself in his family business. From there, he received a lot of knowledge that helped him to grow more in his career. At first, he enriched himself with the knowledge of the Real Estate sector, and later on, he started making investments that were indeed lucrative for him. Even before marrying his wife, he was achieving milestones in his life along with locking several business deals. After that, he married his long-time girlfriend Lacey and from there onwards, the attention of the media started to focus on him as well. 

Business with David Nehdar

After receiving his diploma, he started working for his family’s company. Later, he became renowned for his commercial acumen. Because he is a highly private guy and does not publish much publicly, it may be challenging to understand the inner aspects of his firm. However, other web publications asserted that his company involved in finance and investments. Additionally, he invests in a small business to expand.

Net Worth

David Nehdar’s entire family inherited the name, which was also specifically chosen for this business, and committed to it. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he lives a lavish life. This businessman can generate millions of dollars in net worth as part of his professional job. Some reports claim that he earns a respectable income and has a $9 million net worth.

The most well-known name in American show business is his wife, Lacey. She has contributed to more than 100 productions, including films, TV shows, and videos. Considering her popularity and wealth, her devotion and hard work paid off wonderfully. Her estimated net worth is $4 million. Many think his relationship with Chabert has contributed to his net worth growth.


What is the current age of David Nehdar?

His current age states that he is 48 years old. As of 2023, he will be celebrating his 49th birthday this year on 16 August.

What is the physical appearance of David Nehdar?

He stands around 5 ft 10’ inches tall and weighs around 75 kg. His facial features include his grey eyes, brown hair, and very fair complexion as he belongs to the white ethnic group. 

Has David Nehdar been in hallmark Movies?

David has not appeared in any hallmark movies, but Lacey has appeared in 18 Hallmark movies.


The big picture that David Nehdar looked for himself during his childhood turned out to be successful for him. He inherited the skills of becoming a good businessman from his family that he proved in the future. He is now married to Lacey Chabert for almost a decade and is equally enjoying the limelight of the media thanks to his wife. David Nehdar leads a luxurious life with his wife in the United States of America. They blessed them with a beautiful daughter whom they named, Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. She is currently 6 years old and her exact date of birth is unknown. 



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