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William Luca Costa-Marsden: Parents, Age, Height, Net Worth

Many of us love to keep an update on our favorite actor’s life and what’s going on in their lives. You must be aware of James Marsden and Rose Costa the famous actor and actresses of Bollywood internally

William Luca Costa Marsden

This celebrity couple is quite famous among their fans because of their work in films and the different types of acts they have played. This celebrity couple’s kid William Luca Costa-Marsden who was born on December 14, 2012, William Luca is the next celebrity. As he gathers all the attention of his parent’s fans. He has a fan following

Willian luca parents

William is the only child of James and Rose. William Father James is a well-known actor, he is also known as a singer and model. James was born in 1973 and he is 50 years old. James was born in Oklahoma, his wish was to become an actor. And no doubt he worked hard to make his position in the industry. His very first work can be seen as Eddie in the famous episode of The Nanny.

After that James didn’t turn back and started playing more roles in movies. He became one of the most famous actors of that time James did so many roles he can be seen in Save by the Bell, The new class, Party of Fice, Touched by an Angle, Angle, Superman Returns, The Notebook, and many more.

William Luca Costa’s mother Rose Costa

Rose Costa, is a popular model Brazilian Model. It has been her job to work for Ford Models. She is a famous model and has worked for many brands. William luca’s mother was born on 8th January 1988. She is now a 35-year-old mother and a working model. She is so hardworking and talented but she got more fame light when her name was attached to James. William Luca Costa-Marsden He is the only child of his parents with no single. His father had relationships here and there, before Rose Costa he had some kids. When he was working with Lisa Linde he has a relationship with her and at that time, Linde gave birth to James’ first Son and now he is 22 years old.

Rose has also dated the young actor Chris Santos. The couple dated for a couple of years but they quit. After that in 2011, Rose costa moved to New York City to pursue her career in Modelling. Rose has dated A french guy name, Lloyd David Klein. And they both were madly in love with each other, they had often made public appearances. William is a lucky kid but he can’t see his parents together as they both are no longer in a relationship. William lives with his father.

The name originated from old german, which means Protector. And Luca is derived from lucus the word means Sacred Wood.

Willian Luca traits

The celebrity kid William was born in 2012, he is 11 years old now. He is just 11 years old and has so much time on his hand to grow. Willian has his father’s look and the cuteness of his mother. William is a lucky kid. As he lives with his father, James spend time with William since he was born.

William Luca Costa’s net worth

William is 11 years old and not active in the industry, as he is focusing on his career. As his father is a millionaire now William is not earning anything. A total of $10 million is James Marsden’s net worth.

William media presence

William is 11 years old, and there is no age to be active on social media, but he is not William is not active on any social media. As his parents are quite active on social media with a good amount of followers. James Marsden has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and his mother Rose Costa has 33.7k followers on Instagram.  William Luca Costa-Marsden is a Celebrity kid and will be famous as he grows old and start working as an actor if he wants to work like his parents.



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