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Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima – A Well-Kept Mystery Celebrity Kid

Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima happens to be a well-known celebrity kid, born on the 29th of October, 2007. This US-born kid follows the horoscope Scorpio. As of now, Danial is only a teenager but reached heights of fame that needs years of hard work for a lot of people. His parents, regardless of being popular celebrities in the country, have kept most of Daniel’s details to themselves. But who exactly is Danial and who is he a celebrity kid of? Let’s find out:

A Quick Bio Of Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima

Shannon De Lima, a Venezuela-based model, and Manuel Sosa, an actor from the same nation are the biological parents of Daniel. He was welcomed on the 29th of October in 2007 and will turn 16 by 2023. 

Daniel Alejandro’s Height And Weight

Daniel is a smart-looking teenager, who has a height of about 5’9 ft and a 55 kg body weight.  

Family Of Daniel Alejandro

Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima has a small little family of three including him and his two parents, Shannon and Manuel. As for their profession, Shannon was seen in beauty pageants while Manuel is a highly-paid Venezuelan actor. 

Early Life & Education of Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima

The Venezuelan couple welcomed Danial in the US, and as he was born, the duo could expect big changes in their life. Considering Daniel’s tender age of 16, we assume he must be attending schools as there are no further details on this domain.

While for Manual, his career took place in the late 1990s. Telenovelas HoyTe Vi is one of the few classic hits he has given for the industry. And his mother has now retired and is rarely seen in any campaigns. 

Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima Career

Daniel is currently in school and his career plans haven’t been revealed. 

Is Daniel Alejandro Single? 

Yes, Daniel is single and also, he is not mature enough to date anyone right now and not until a few more years.

Daniel Sosa De Lima’s Achievements

Daniel Sosa remains under the curtains due to the strict rules of his parents. Even if Daniel did accomplish something, his parents wouldn’t bother showing it off in public. 

Social media Accounts Of Daniel Alejandro

Daniel remains under the strict ‘no-media’ rules of his parents, and as such, he has not been seen on any social media till now

Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima Net Worth

As a celebrity kid and the only child of two well-established coucouples the entertainment industry, Danial happens to have a net worth of around $100k despite being a teenager.


Well, surely the fame of Danial is due to his parents even if the duo tried hard in keeping their child away from media attention. And though his parents might not be as successful in keeping their kid uncontroversial from the media, they sure have done an applaudable job. 


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