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Elvish Yadav: Bio, Age, Height, Big Boss

The world got a new name in the entertainment sector with the invention of television and the consequent release of films and shows for people’s entertainment. One can also easily watch the news and many other programs with the help of a television. 

It’s very common knowledge that one can watch a huge number of shows. Elvish Yadav same goes for reality television shows which basically consist of people not changing their characters but taking part in different games and stuff, often winning prizes by the end of it. These shows are very entertaining to watch and once they gain popularity, they tend to renew for new seasons. Every country has game shows of its own type, and with the help of the internet, one can watch episodes of any talent show they want.

Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality TV shows on Indian television. This show appeared first in Indian TV several years back and since then every year it has come up with a new season. Over time, this show has continued to gain more and more popularity and currently, it is the one show that people like to watch and wait for.

 The show Bigg Boss is actually the Indian adaptation of the famous show Celebrity Big Brother, a UK-based reality TV show where a certain amount of fairly popular people, who are not necessarily celebrities, participate and are kept inside a house where they have no contact with their families or any of the outside world. They will required to play different games and the contestant who will get the most votes by the end of the finale will called the winner.

Elvish Yadav

Elvish Yadav is an internet personality, specifically across Instagram and YouTube. He was recently a part of the hit reality TV show, Bigg Boss OTT. In our article today, we will be learning a little bit more about this person. Keep reading to find out more about Elvish Yadav.


Elvish Yadav is a YouTuber and content creator, and he recently became more popular after participating in the second season of the OTT version of the popular Indian reality television show, Bigg Boss. Not only that, he also ended up becoming the winner of the show.

Elvish was born on 14th September 1998 in Gurgaon, Haryana. His mother’s name is Sushma Yadav and his father’s name is Ram Avatar. It has been reported that upon birth, Elvish was named as Siddharth. But since he is a content creator and consequently, a public figure, he gave himself a stage name. He follows the Hindu religion just like the rest of the family, and he belongs to the Jaat community. According to reports about his family, he has three siblings. 


Elvish Yadav is a popular content creator and Youtuber, and he has a YouTube channel with over 12 million followers. His subscriber count increased even further when he went on to participate in the Bigg Boss show. His channel is named, Samajik Karkhana. He is on other social media platforms as well, like Instagram.



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