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Revamp Your Website’s Speed: Top Free CDN Services for WordPress

Every day, you attempt to access a website, but it takes too long to load. You browse away from the page after a while and hunt for another choice in the search engine results. You don’t have to be the proprietor of a website with high bounce rates and subpar SEO. Use a content delivery network (or CDN) to prevent slow speeds from occurring.

A CDN stores your website’s static material on servers all around the world and then serves up the files to website visitors from the server that is nearest to them.

In this article, we’ll first discuss the key characteristics you should look for in a Vstechpanel.Com free CDN before discussing the finest free CDN providers for WordPress.

1. Cloudflare CDN

You may easily use Cloudflare, a free CDN solution, for your WordPress website. Your website will be assigned to end users over its global server network when you use its automated platform optimization (APO) technology, reducing the time it takes for people to load your page.

2. Jetpack Site Accelerator

A WordPress plugin called Jetpack provides features for speed, backup, and security. Additionally, it includes a CDN service called “Site Accelerator” that speeds up the loading of your website.

3. SmartVideo 

With the help of the free CDN service SmartVideo, which was developed by Swarmify, you can embed videos on your website without using the embed code provided by YouTube. If you’re a content creator, educator, or vlogger, you should put this CDN at the top of your list because it concentrates exclusively on video.

4. W3 Total Cache

Cache plugin W3 Total Cache also provides a service. The theme files and your Media Library are integrated by this plugin, enabling them to load from one of its global servers. Sites with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are both supported by this plugin.

5. LiteSpeed Cache

For your website, another free CDN provider is LiteSpeed Cache. It has a tool for image optimization, automatically caches your pages, and minifies CSS, JS, and HTML code to increase the speed at which your website loads.

6. Switch8 CDN

A CDN plugin called Shift8 CDN uses its extensive server network to deliver your website’s files. While installing the plugin through WordPress and signing up on their website can be difficult, it’s one of the finest solutions on this list because it makes their server location public.

7. Optimole 

A plugin called Optimole was created to increase the loading speed of your website by providing high-quality images that are conveniently proportioned correctly for all devices. If not optimized, graphics and video can frequently increase page load times. By fully automating it, Optimole removes any uncertainty from this procedure.

8. CommonWP

The open-source CSS and Javascript files used by CommonWP, a WordPress plugin, are delivered via a free, public (via JsDelivr). This plugin increases speed by dispersing from a central location the majority of open-source files used by WordPress websites.

9. Amazon AWS CDN

The Amazon AWS CDN plugin was created by WPAdmin and uses the Amazon AWS CloudFront network to store the files for your website. Your static material will be delivered rapidly to end customers wherever they are, thanks to Amazon’s global network of over 200 servers.

10. Google Cloud CDN

The massive infrastructure of the internet giant can be utilized by consumers thanks to Google’s Cloud. This cloud CDN’s fast delivery of material to users using a variety of devices is not surprising given its caching architecture and extensive global network.


In the above-described CDN database and customer reviews vstechpanel.com free cdn, is the most effective and secure.



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