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Smart Square Mercy: Revolutionising Healthcare Delivery Through Innovation

In the heart of Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, a groundbreaking healthcare initiative is taking shape. Smart Square Mercy, a visionary undertaking by way of Piedmont, one of the leading healthcare vendors within the southeastern United States, is poised to transform healthcare delivery as we realize it. This 1.3 million square foot campus represents a convergence of technology, innovation, and patient-centric layout, with a challenge to enhance the excellent, performance, and affordability of healthcare offerings.

Smart Square Mercy: A Vision Unveiled

Smart Square hmh stands as a beacon of hope inside the healthcare panorama. Comprising a variety of centers, which include hospitals, ambulatory surgical treatment facilities, scientific workplace homes, and research centers, this sprawling campus is more than just bricks and mortar; it is a testimony to Piedmont’s commitment to pioneering alternatives.

At the center of Smart Square’s project is the enhancement of the patient experience. Patient-targeted layout is evident during the campus, from the convenience of navigation to consumer-friendly capabilities like self-test-in kiosks and digital signage. 

Revolutionising Healthcare via Technology

Smart Square Mercy employs an impressive array of current technology to automate obligations and streamline workflows, ushering in a new generation of efficiency in healthcare shipping:

  • Robotic Pharmacy System: Smart Square Mercy makes use of an ultra-modern robot pharmacy machine for remedy shelling out. This progressive method complements accuracy, reduces errors, and expedites the delivery of essential medicinal drugs to patients.
  • Voice Recognition System: The voice recognition system at Smart Square revolutionizes patient care documentation. Doctors and healthcare specialists can now record affected persons’ care rapidly and efficiently, allowing them to recognize extra affected persons’ desires.
  • Telemedicine: Smart Square harnesses the energy of telemedicine to provide healthcare services remotely. This method is particularly crucial for patients in rural regions or those dealing with mobility-demanding situations because it offers them a clean right of entry to expert medical care.

Pioneering the Future with Innovation

Smart Square Mercy isn’t content material with simply embracing existing technology; it’s actively fostering innovation:

  • Center for Innovation: Nestled in the Smart Square campus, the Center for Innovation at Piedmont is a hub for the improvement and implementation of the latest healthcare technologies. 
  • Telehealth: Smart Square’s telehealth services deliver healthcare to sufferers’ fingertips, mainly benefiting those in underserved rural regions. 
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: Remote patient monitoring devices at Smart Square tune essential signs and symptoms and health records outdoors of the sanatorium. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): The use of AI at Smart Square is paving the way for groundbreaking diagnostics and personalized treatment plans. AI

Affordable Healthcare for All

Smart Square isn’t best committed to improving exceptional performance but also to creating healthcare extra cheap:

  • Financial Assistance Programs: The campus offers quite a number of monetary assistance applications to ensure that patients can get entry to the care they need without the burden of crippling medical payments.
  • Streamlined Workflows: By automating responsibilities and decreasing administrative overhead, Smart Square is operating diligently to reduce the general value of healthcare transport.


Smart Square Mercy embodies the future of healthcare transport. Its affected person-centric layout, integration of innovative technology, and unwavering dedication to affordability function as a pioneer in the industry. By embracing telehealth, remote patient monitoring, AI, and other technological advancements, Smart Square isn’t just a facility; it is a transformative force poised to enhance the lives of countless patients within the southeastern United States and the past.



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